The Sensible Way to Shop for Cars is a patent-pending service of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS). Our mission is simple – to give you a efficient, personalized and transparent car shopping experience.

From our roots as a car buyers' agent in the 80s using dial-up bulletin boards, to CompuServe and the Internet in the 90s, ACS has pioneered innovative ways to make the car buying experience better – saving thousands of customers time and money.

We've all seen car ads touting a special monthly payment with fine print containing certain terms, finance rates and money down - with approved credit. Those figures aren’t relevant since they don’t consider your specific budget and credit. The figures you see on are accurate and fair because they factor-in all your details. can also introduce other favorable scenarios:

  • You could get the same payment with no money down or a shorter finance term.
  • Uncover special unadvertised deals on makes and models you haven’t considered.
  • Instead of a used car, a special deal on a new car may fit your budget.
  • Instead of a stripped down new car, a fully loaded used car might be feasible.

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You may be surprised by the vehicles you can get with your desired payment. Newer models, more options and special deals are within reach.